The 4 Best Water Filters in South Africa

water filters in South Africa

Water is one of the most critical resources that we need in our daily life. However, water is not always readily available in a drought-prone country like South Africa. This is especially true in the Western Cape province where droughts are becoming a more frequent occurrence. Read our top water filters in South Africa.

Unfortunately, when it comes to drinking water we can’t use just any water. Our water must be filtered to ensure that it is safe to drink. While you can buy filtered water in stores, like the top brand Fiji water, it can be expensive. That is why many people are buying their own water filter systems to have a more cost-effective alternative water source.

That being said there are many water filters in South Africa. Which can make deciding which one to get quite challenging. That is why we decided to put together a list of the best water filters Cape Town has to offer.

Best Type of Drinking Water Filter

Before we get started on the best filters, we first want to establish the best filtration method. This is because there are multiple methods of water filtration, like physical filtration, and chemical filtration. However, the best type of filter, especially for drinking water, uses a process called reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is a process that filters the water on a molecular level. It does this by forcing water under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows the small water molecules to pass through while rejecting impurities. Reverse osmosis ensures a water purity of 95% making them the best water filters in South Africa, especially for drinking water.

The 4 Best Water Filters Cape Town has to Offer

  1. Saltech Stream F2540M

As Cape Town is a coastal city, the best and most abundant alternate water source is the ocean. That is why on the top of our list is Saltech’s Stream F2540M desalination system. This system uses reverse osmosis and includes a 10” pre-filter housing, making this the best filter for water purification. With a total output of 90lt/hr – 180lt/hr this system is able to provide sufficient water for most households. This system uses brass head pumps with simple controls and safety systems, ensuring reliability and quality while being affordable.

Additionally, this system can handle input water with a total dissolved solids (TDS) count of up to 35 000ppm. So you can be sure it can handle water with a high concentration of impurities. Also with the rising cost of electricity, this filter’s small 220v power supply ensures that your electricity bill is still manageable while providing clean drinking water. This really is one of the best water filters in South Africa for private households.

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  1. Saltech Torrent 4040L

The next filter system on our list is Saltech’s Torrent 4040L desalination system. This system is designed for commercial use, capable of long running times with minimal downtime. This is also a reverse osmosis filtration system, which includes two 20” big blue pre-filter housings, providing the highest purity output water. Boasting a water output of 400lt/hr – 1000lt/hr, it can supply enough water for your commercial needs. Capable of filtering feedwater with a TDS of up to 35 000ppm, so you can rest assured that it can handle water with a lot of impurities in it.

Additionally, this system comes with an OS3020 controller, which keeps you in control and able to adjust this system to meet your needs. With such impressive capabilities, it is a welcome surprise that it runs on a 380v power supply. Therefore it won’t put too much strain on your electricity bill. The entire system comes mounted on a free-standing L-frame, so finding space for it in your commercial operation is relatively easy. Therefore of all the water filters in South Africa, this is the best system for commercial use.

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  1. Saltech Stream F2521SM

The next water filter system on our list is Saltech’s Stream F2521SM. This unit is very similar to the Stream F2540M, however, it has a smaller output of 40lt/hr – 90lt/hr. So while it is still a top-of-the-line reverse osmosis system, with a 20” pre-filter housing, that can handle any feedwater the Stream F2540M can. This system is better suited for households with lower water needs. 

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  1. Saltech Torrent 2540F

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is Saltech’s Torrent 2540F. This system is also for commercial use and is very similar to the Torrent 4040L, just smaller. This system has an output of 180lt/hr – 380lt/hr. This is also a reverse osmosis system, with a 20” big blue pre-filter housing, so it still provides pure water. It can also handle the same feedwater conditions as the Torrent 4040L. This smaller system also runs off a smaller 220V power supply. So this system is ideal for commercial industries with lower water needs.

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Which Water Filter Lasts the Longest?

A big concern for anyone buying water filters in South Africa is how long they last. Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer as it depends on a variety of factors. The biggest factor is the quality of the feedwater. That being said, of the systems mentioned above the Torrent 4040L is meant for constant commercial use. This means it is designed to last longer than its competitors.


Suppose you are looking to secure an alternative water source, for your household or business. You want to make sure you get the best water filters Cape Town has to offer. We hope this list has helped you find the right system for your needs. All of the water filter systems mentioned above are top-of-the-line reverse osmosis systems, so you are guaranteed the best water purity possible. Thank you for reading our blog on the top water filters in South Africa!

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