Water Treatment Companies in South Africa (The top 5)

Clean water held up to the mountains in a glass bottle to represent water treatment companies in South Africa

Water treatment is any process that improves water quality to make it suitable for a specific end-use. The end-use can include, irrigation, water recreation, drinking water, or many other uses. Therefore water treatment is vital to our modern society, especially in a water-scarce country like South Africa. 

With it being such an important process, it is no surprise that there are 155 water treatment companies in South Africa. These companies all deal in different aspects of water treatment. With so many water treatment companies in South Africa, we decided to put together a list of the 5 best

Types of Water Treatment Plants

Before we get to the best water treatment companies in South Africa. We want to give you a better understanding of the types of water treatment plants that exist. Broadly speaking there are three types, which we will look at below.

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Wastewater refers to water that has been used in agricultural, domestic, and industrial activities. It can be divided into two categories. Sewage water comes from domestic activities like toilets, showers, and sinks, and industrial wastewater comes from manufacturing, industrial, and commercial activities. Wastewater treatment plants use a variety of physical and chemical filtration methods, to recover clean usable water from wastewater.

Demineralization (DM) Treatment Plants

Demineralization involves the complete removal of dissolved minerals or solids from the water. Demineralization treatment plants work on the principle of ion exchange, which uses deionization to remove ionic contaminants in the water. This is usually used for industries that need very pure water, like the food and beverage industry.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Treatment Plants

Reverse osmosis removes impurities from water, by using a semi-permeable membrane. The contaminated water is forced through the membrane under high pressure. The membrane allows the water molecules to pass through while other salts and contaminants are left behind. This removes 95%-99% of the dissolved salts. Reverse osmosis is used in desalination plants, which turn salt water into usable fresh water.

The 5 Best Water Treatment Companies in South Africa

Now that you have a better understanding of the types of plants that make up the 831 water treatment plants in South Africa. We can take a look at the best companies that work to supply, outfit, and maintain these vital systems.

1. Saltech

Of all the water treatment companies in South Africa, our pick for the top spot is Saltech. Based in the Western Cape Saltech manufactures a range of standard and customised desalination systems that are the best in the market. Their systems use reverse osmosis, to ensure the output water is of the highest purity possible.

Saltech is at the top of our list as they provide top-quality, reliable, and efficient systems that are designed to withstand the harsh African environment. Additionally traditional terrestrial water sources are vulnerable to drought, as we have seen in previous years. This is why desalination systems that allow us to utilise the vast amount of water in the ocean are vital to ensuring South Africa always has enough water.

2. Water Icon

In second place on our list is Water Icon, they provide end-to-end water treatment solutions. Based in Johannesburg, they provide water treatment services across the industrial, residential, and municipal sectors. Water Icon is one of the largest manufacturers and importers of water filtering equipment in South Africa. They have supplied water treatment solutions across Africa. They also have an accredited laboratory dedicated to research and development in water treatment. They also manufacture and sell chemicals for water treatment.

3. Aquamarine water solutions

Aquamarine water solutions is another great water treatment company in South Africa. Their head office is located in Johannesburg, they began manufacturing water treatment plants over 20 years ago. Now they have expanded their offerings, supplying a range of standard and custom-designed water treatment plants. They also install and operate these water treatment plants. Additionally, they are a distributor of components and chemicals used in water treatment plants.


 PROXA offer sustainable water solutions, across industrial, municipal, and commercial sectors. Established in 1986, they work on the concept of total water management, as they work in all aspects of water treatment. The services they offer include design and consulting, construction and engineering, and plant modernisation. They also offer operational management services, to assist with the operation of water treatment plants, with a focus on extending the life cycle of water infrastructure. Additionally, they supply chemicals and spares for water treatment plants in South Africa.

5. Veolia

Last but not least of the water treatment companies in South Africa is Veolia. Based in Johannesburg, Veolia water solutions provide water treatment systems, services, and chemicals. Their offerings cover any potable water, purified water, sewage or industrial wastewater requirement. They aim to contribute to the sustainable development of cities and industries, with a focus on zero liquid discharge systems, which aim to reuse all wastewater.


Though no one company supplies the water in South Africa, the government-owned water boards handle that, many companies contribute to keeping the water supply intact. These five companies are the best water treatment companies in South Africa. So if you ever need a water treatment solution, you now know where to find them.

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